My First E-Book

My first book ( E-Book ) !!.

The Implementation & handling of multiple Microsoft chatbot modules is based on my work experience of rigorous 8 years on the Microsoft Stack included chatbots. During my IT days, I am passionately involved and dedicated my good time on this subject matter and it happened to be my first book ( E-Book ) in C# Corner .

How a person feel gratitude when there is so many people responsible for greatfulness. Respected Mr.Praveen, Mr.Mahesh and C# Corner Team for laying out a wonderful platform for the technical contributions, I am indebted to my most respected mentor Mr.Tadit dash for his immense contributions.

Unquestionably there is a chronicle behind every successful achievements, Two years back I was planning to write a book related to automation in C# Corner community but that plan was dropped due to the suggestion from dear friend Priyaranjan, as my functional area is based on latest technologies and must not shift to automation, his suggestions was very valid. The reason I planned to write a book in latest technologies, but it got delayed due to covid pandemic and obviously some of the office workloads.

Also many of the famous publishers reached out me to write books in upcoming technologies and I discussed several topics with most admired Mr.Gaurav but at the end I had a different thought in my mind, Nine-Tenths of wisdom is being wise in time so was need to publish the book completely free for the user and I remember seeking knowledge is like opening doors and I know doors everywhere.

Thank you all of my friends & family who has supported my ups and downs in my life.


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